The Maximina Event

With the upcoming implementation of Game Moderators for Roleplaying Purpose, we’re going to start an event to put it all to the test. This is called The Maximina Event.

The Event begin February 20, 2022.

In the event all previous storyline will be placed on a pause. Current Characters will be stored away for the duration of Maximina. Defenders will be able to create new identities in a previous timeline. During this time the Game Moderators will be practicing “MOBBING”. Storyline, Campaigns, Events, Rolls and Progression will be handled by the Development Members, or Game Moderators. The entire Storyline during this Event will be saved.

Defenders will be returning to the past during the time after the Downfall of the Cross Defender Army and the formation of the Akram Kingdom’s Defender Army. This Era was known as the Golden Age. It was the time where Kiel had just started being a General, Mag & Clery had just formed the Second Job Classes. (No discipline will be granted during the event.) A time when Planet Eldeon had just been settled and the infancy of the Unions. A time where movement speed didn’t exist…

This Event will be saved and added into the Defenders of the Cross storyline. Meaning Defenders will be able to find about what happened during that time, or in cases refer to it. As part of the Event you will also be able to keep the item in the storage, the storages will be shared between the Maximina Character and DOTC Character. This means you can prepare the items for your characters right now, and place them in storage. During Maximina, you can place things in your storage to pass them on to your main characters.

As many are aware some financial issue has hit Defenders of the Cross hard, as such we are going to inform you all what goal is needed per month. That is $300. The Maximina Event will have unique event items in the Item Mall. You’ll only purchase these items during the duration of the Event. Maxima Event will have a 7x EXP Boost so you can grind and get strong quickly to join the storylines without fear.

The Event will be a trial run and end on March 20, 2022. As part of the Event you will also be able to keep the items in the storage during the time, so have your storage set by these date.

-D.O.T.C. Staff

We’re bringing Defenders of the Cross Back!!!

Hello Defenders,

At the start of February a situation occurred that forced the Defenders of the Cross Servers to be shut down. Working on Defenders of the Cross has always been a fun experience for us. It’s been discussed before that D.O.T.C has suffered some financial troubles.

The Developers have been looking for ways to help maintain Defenders of the Cross running. Sadly a few situations out of our control took place. Today, well…We’re back Woopies!

To overcome this financial situation we have had to make some decisions.
1. Defenders of the Cross MOB System have been shut down, removed from the Server.
2. The prices of Defenders of the Cross Reward Points and Premium will be increased. (Date for when this will be implemented has not been discussed)
3. Implementation of Game Moderators for Roleplaying Purpose.
4. Automated Subscriptions for Premium Services.

When speaking of adding Game Moderators for Roleplaying Purposes it is about having Moderators dedicated to Dungeon Mastering. Events, Storylines, Campaigns, Interactions and fulfilling the purpose of the MOB System will now be conducted by the Development Members, or Game Moderators. 

In Order to make this change, we have scheduled a Beta Test. This is a special Event in the past of the Defenders of the Cross Storyline, called Maximina Event. During the event Game Moderators will be putting their skills to the test and practicing “MOBBING”. This change will bring a new Roleplaying Style change to Defenders of the Cross and hopefully help us increase our players and experience for defenders.

Making this change work, will require assistance from the Player Base, the Defenders. As always the Server Cost is covered by the community of players. Defenders of the Cross needs to gather $300 to cover the Server Costs, Domains and Services per Month.

Don’t miss the webcast on February 13, 2022 in the DOTC Discord. The 3 Development Members will be discussing the changes that are to come.

The Defenders of the Cross Servers and Item Mall are back online, player accounts that were banned are now unbanned. Currently the Game Moderators will be taking the time to organize, testing and working out how they will do things. 

February 20, 2022 the Maximina Event shall take place. The Event will be a trial run and end on March 20, 2022. Details on the Event will be revealed at a later date. 

-D.O.T.C. Staff

Defenders of the Cross Crisis

Greetings Defenders,

It has been a pleasure to work on Defenders of the Cross since 2007. It has been a fun and wonderful experience. We’ve made friends along the way, and tried our best during the good and the bad times. We are grateful to all of you for the support you have given us throughout this process. Our audience and player base has been very unique and interesting, and has allowed D.O.T.C. to be an experience we will never forget. As Developers we want to thank all of you, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you, for being fans of Defenders of the Cross.

It’s no secret that things across our part of the world have been difficult. D.O.T.C. is also being affected by this. Prices for everything have continued to rise, and it has come to affect Defenders of the Cross. As the cost of living increases so does the Server’s cost. This week, our providers for various services we use to operate the M.O.B., Game Mechanics and Item Mall have let us know their prices will increase. The cost increase has quadrupled what is usually paid to keep the server running. In the last months, Defenders of the Cross has been unable to meet the regular payment for the Server and Services. This increase by our providers will only exacerbate the current situation. As such we need to find ways to reduce cost… We adjust or we sink.

We are letting all our players, fans, and interested parties know of our current situation. We are trying our best to find ways to overcome this hurdle. Thank you all for the constant help in maintaining Defenders of the Cross.

-D.O.T.C. Staff