D.O.T.C. Celebrates another year!
We want to start by thanking all of you for your continued support. Most of all in these hard times. 

As many already know, another year means another great sale in the Item Mall! Purchase any Reward Points, Premium and Game Services with a 30% OFF.

It’s easy, just go to

Add the products to your Cart, then proceed to the Check Out. 
The discount will be automatically applied to all orders. Meaning, just buy as usual and receive the anniversary discount.

Make sure to properly place your information on each Product (Account Name and Character Name). 

The discount duration is from Monday April 6, 2020  to Sunday April 12, 2020.

The Defender of the Cross will also do a special Anniversary Event! A BETA EVENT!

No reinstalling or client update needed, the Beta Server will become available on the server selection screen when logging in.

Defenders will get to create new Dealer, Raider/Brawler or Champion/Minstrel Job Class characters and have all territories available to them. All characters, items, storage and occurrences during the event will not be saved. 

This BETA event will be a way for all players to test out the feel of a Combat System for several Dealer, Raider and Champion Classes underway. We are talking about Conscript, Musketeer, Minstrel, Triggerman, Sniper, Brawler and Bourgeois.  This means Players will be able to test out all the new changes to the builds and stats in PVP and PVM scenarios (NO PAT). This is part of the new updates for the April Update of Defenders of the Cross.

Players will be testing out these features:
Musketeer Discipline.
Rapier Weapons for Musketeer Discipline. 
Dual Gun Weapons for Musketeer Discipline.
Sense and Concentration stats for Dual Gun Weapons.
Minstrel Discipline.
Instrument Weapon for Minstrel Discipline.
Conscript Discipline.
Rifle Weapons for Dealer Job Class.
Brawler Discipline.
Technique Weapons for Brawler Discipline.
Strength and Dexterity stats for Technique Weapons.

Defenders will be facing the DEV TEAM in this event, Tales from the Past. The DEV Team will be using characters and facing off against all the Players. 

Quickly after the event, there’ll be a new update. All Armors and Items from the Previous Item Mall will be rotated out (Except Refine Tab). The BETA event will be April 11, 2020!

DOTC Staff