Happy Anniversary to Defenders of the Cross

As you may already know, the dragons have returned, and with dragon season knees shake and hands quiver. You might not understand yet, but as a new adventurer you won’t exactly have your pick of party members in these times.

But do not worry, in these worlds you cannot find perfect partnerships, you have to forge them.

That’s why Daisy Shopper goods are forged with the best quality YOU can buy. So to help you out, The item mall’s anniversary specials are here! 

Take advantage!

Starting at March 28th  thru April 5th

It’s very simple, go to the Defenders of the Cross Item Mall and make your purchases. A 20% discount is given automatically upon checkout to any Game Service, Reward Points or Premium product but not on Merch. 

Gather your equipment now and join a party. 

I can assure you this. In these difficult times, those who join you are all adventurers.

Same as you, actually, and some of them have seniority over you.

I admit, your party might be too strange to be real.

But listen, this isn’t the coffin you’ll be buried in. Parties rarely last a year, sometimes not even a month. Spend some time with this group, prove yourselves capable and after a time, break off and join up with any of the new saps who are enlisting all the time.

The tales of dragonslayers and men and women who restore power to fractured kingdoms are the stuff of legend. Stay together and children will be told stories about you.

All Defenders of the Cross Premium Accounts will be reduced by 20%!
All Defenders of the Cross Reward Points will be reduced by 20%!
All Defenders of the Cross In-Game Services will be reduced by 20%!