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Patch Notes Version 6.0 Release date 4/28/2018

Server Updates:
-NPC vendors have been updated, and prices have been adjusted.
-New monster skills have been added.

MOB Updates:
-New interactions involving M.O.B. items have been added.
-”Interaction has ended” prompt has been implemented.
-NULL Prompt has been added.
-M.O.B. Fishing has been adjusted.
-M.O.B. Digging has been adjusted.
-Pursuit Mission has been added.
-M.O.B. effects and abilities have been adjusted.

Client Update:
-PAT Parts have been added.
-Explosive Charge has been added.
-Fish items have been added.
-New headgear has been added.
-Precious Headgear items have been reworked.
-Stat bonuses of precious equipment have been changed.
-Fallen Headgear has been added.
-Aruan Headgear has been added.
-“Of Masters” headgear has been added.
-New consumables have been added.
-Perfect Headgear items have been reworked.
-Requirements of perfect gear have been changed.
-Stat bonuses of perfect equipment have been changed.

Premium Service Updates:
-Reward Points for 3-Month Premium Membership has been removed.

Item Mall Update:
-Item Mall PAT Carts have been added to Daisy Shopper.
-Item Headgears have been added to Daisy Shopper.
-Previous Item Mall selection has been rotated out.
-Storage Expansion Coupon has been added to Daisy Shopper.

Skill Updates:
-Ability Cooldown Changes:
-The cooldowns of various abilities has been adjusted. Cure, Restoration and Recovery.
-Weapon requirements for various skills have been adjusted.
-In particular, some Soldier and Muse skills have become stricter in weapon. requirements as they level up. (Sikuku Gale and Seismic Impact.)

Website Update:
-A complete Website change is in the works.

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