Patch Notes Version 6.6 Release Date 2/20/2021

Server Updates:

  • Server calculations for Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (MP) have been further adjusted, more updates pending.
  • Prime Time Scheduled starts at 5:00pm (AST).
  • Drops in the Maps are being adjusted.
    • Removal of certain drops from Raid Zones.
    • Adjustments of Drops in maps.
    • Adjustments of Drops from monsters.
    • Added Drops in maps.
    • Added Drops from monsters.

MOB Updates:

  • New scripts have been added to the MOB System.
    • Dragon Season scripts have been updated.
  • Level adaptation has been updated.
    • Experienced on certain MOB Buffed spawns has been increased.
    • Updated MOB Buff stats.
  • New Gear has been added to Storyline & MOB Missions.
  • MOB versus MOB has been updated.
    • Ally MOB has been updated.

Client Update: 

  • New NPCs have been added.
  • New natives have been added.
  • New creatures have been added.
  • New summons have been added.
  • NPC Animations have been updated.
    • New NPC Animations added.
  • New Foot Items have been added.
  • New Chest Items have been added.
  • New Hand Items have been added.
  • New Headgears have been updated.
  • New Capes have been updated.
  • New Wings have been updated.
  • New Backpacks have been added.
  • New Back Gear has been added.
  • Legendary Item Prefix changed to Fabled.

Premium Service Updates:

  • The Premmy Gauntlet is still not fully functional, and has been closed to the public until repair is completed.
  • New Defenders of the Cross Support System is being added.

Event Schedule:

  • Holiday Events – February 28 & March 22 of 2021
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.
  • Dragon Season March 23, 2021
  • General’s Day! (March 6 & 15 of 2021)
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.

Item Mall Update:

  • Shoes, Boots, and Feet added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Back Shield, Capes, Wings & Back Gear Items have been added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Valentine Items added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Backpacks added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Masks, Glasses & Face Items added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Chest, Armor and Clothe have been added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Previous Item Mall selection has been rotated out.

Skill Updates:

  • Employer Skill added.
    • Employ Magician.

Website Update:

  • A complete Website change is in the works.
  • New Defenders of the Cross Support Ticket System is being added.
  • Knowledge Base section of Website made available. Content updated:
    • Drop Guide 2021
    • So you’ve become..
    • Defender Text Series
    • Join the Union
    • Join the Faction
    • Join the Guild
    • Premium Service Face