Patch Notes Version 6.6 Release Date 8/21/2020

Server Updates:

  • Server calculations for Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (MP) have been further adjusted, more updates pending.
  • Golden Ring is being updated.
  • New measures taken for stuck, 0hp, Zombie Glitch. Scrolls can be used in that state.
  • Gorge of Silence Cave is being updated.
  • Junon Ocean is being updated.
  • Economy Function has been updated.
  • Summons & Hire Creatures/Natives/Mercenaries have been updated.
    • Defensive Summons
      • Summoned in a location to grab enemy attention.
    • Offensive Summons
      • Summon follows you (and allies) to fights against enemies.

MOB Updates:

  • New scripts have been added to the MOB System.
  • New MOB Skill debuffs have been added.
  • SNPCs have been updated.
  • Warpath Spawn adjusted to remove certain skills. 
  • Warpath grunts have been updated.
  • Level adaptation has been updated (Bosses have a limit of skills).
  • Event Tickets to be used for special prompts.
  • Defender Vendors (Shops) experience points (exp) has been updated.

Client Update: 

  • Weapons have been updated.
  • New Headgear has been added.
  • New Arm Items have been added.
  • New Foot Items have been added.
  • Golden Ring is being updated.
  • New Dagger Weapon added.
    • New Dagger Animations added.
  • Gorge of Silence Cave is being updated.
  • Junon Ocean is being updated.
  • New Gem Stone has been added.
  • New Armor, Body, Plate, Robes, Coat and Clothes has been added.

Premium Service Updates:

  • The Premmy Gauntlet is still not fully functional, and has been closed to the public until repair is completed.
  • The Go Commands for Union Houses will require Defenders to have the assigned Union.
  • Command for My Stats has been updated.
    • /mystat2 has been removed.
    • /mystat values have been updated.
    • Attack Power = ap
    • Accuracy = acc
    • Dodge Rate = dodge
    • Defense = def
    • Critical = crit
    • Movement Speed (Server Side) = maps
    • Block Rate & Damage Blocked overall = block
    • Total Health Points = hp
    • Total Energy Points = mp
    • Energy Resistance = mdef
    • Attack Speed & Attack Speed weighed as percentage = aspd (Still in more work)
    • Current Stamina on the character = stamina
    • See how much your charm is boosting your drop rate = drop
    • Clan ID, Clan Rank (for Cost and other things & Clan Team ID for allies = clan

Event Schedule:

  • Holiday Events – September 7, 2020
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.
  • General’s Day! (August 22 and September 14)
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.

Item Mall Update:

  • Gloves, Gauntlets and Hands added to Daisy Shopper.
  • New equipment sets have been added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Weapon Blessings have been added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Previous Item Mall selection has been rotated out.

Skill Updates:

  • Mega Skill has been added.
    • Skill Cool down has been adjusted.

Website Update:

  • A complete Website change is in the works.
  • Knowledge Base section of Website made available. Content updated:
    • Archive section added to Knowledge Base containing Maps (Archive).
    • Story Setting
    • Recovered Text Series (Library)
    • What is DOTC?
    • Getting Started in DOTC
    • Character Background Pointers
    • MOB Functions – Checks
    • The Empyreal Spears – Introduction to Spear Mage
    • Storyline Announcements
    • Raid Zones
    • Dice Roll System
    • Resource Drive Guide – DOTC
    • The Party System
    • Unions
    • Mini Game Prompts (MGP)
    • MOB Terms
    • The Item Mall
    • Disciplines For BUTAS
    • Lesson Plan: Interacting with the M.O.B.