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Server Issues Arise

Greetings, Defenders!

An unplanned, and unexpected error occurred on the Dedicated Server. People are currently looking into the problem, it may take a while to return the server to stable conditions. Due to issues with the Dedicated Server that have persisted onto today, the server is still going to be suffering from multiple crashes a day. We ask players to try and clear out some events pending before the season end.

Mostly meetings that need to take place and the resolutions of the end of the War Against Arua. Once these are cleared out, the season finale events can take place and afterwards the server may be closed for a week. This will be to do whatever is needed to get the server services stable once again, as such a migration may need to take place and it must be off for that to happen.

We’ll send word when the server is back online.

Here are a few Highlights of known issues occurring:
[10:16 AM PDT] We are investigating increased errors when making changes to some hosted zones, and creation of new hosted zones.
[10:46 AM PDT] We are continuing to investigate elevatederrors when making changes to some zones. DNS queries are not affected by this issue, which are all being answered normally.
[11:26 AM PDT] We have identified root cause and are working towards recovery of elevated error rates .
[11:33 AM PDT] Between 9:25 AM and 11:30 AM PDT, we experienced increased errors when making changes to some zones, Servers and Console. 

Posted by on October 20, 2019.

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