The Pinoy Trials

The Pinoy Trials are a series of events created by the Principality Empire that are carried out on multiple days. Their aim is to demonstrate skills in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Although the Pinoy Trials were started by Emperor Raisco, they are an open competition for all Defenders, Warriors and Challengers, regardless of their organization. ALL ARE WELCOME!

The Pinoy Trials are divided into a series of events. The events are:

Defender Trials

The Defender Trials are a series of one on one duels. Participants are divided into 7 brackets and carry out their duels until 7 winners are decided. The brackets are Knights, Champions, Raiders, Scouts, Dealers, Mages and Clerics. (Defenders with Completed Masteries of other Disciplines can take part of multiple brackets as long as they remain true to their bracket’s respective combat styles.) 

Organizers of the Defender Trials will attempt to place competitors in duels against other participants that find themselves near their levels. Giving a special reward to the most outstanding rookie. (Under level 100.)

After the winners of the Seven Brackets are decided. They will then proceed to participate in the Defender Trial Championships. In the Championships the participants will duel each other until one remains undefeated. The participant with the most wins is crowned top competitor for the Defender Trials. 

Cart Battle Prix 

The Cart Battle Prix is a bloody cart race. It is divided into 2 Parts: Stock Cart and Regular Cart. Participants are to be divided into parties of up to 3 members. The party must consist of 1 Driver and up to 2 Battle Crew members. The Driver must remain in his cart at all times during the race in an attempt to complete the required laps. The Battle Crew must defend their driver and attempt to take down the opposing teams. When a driver is taken down, they must repeat the lap they were taking. 

In the Stock Cart Battle Prix the Driver needs to drive Wooden Cart or (Green, Blue & Red) Racing Cart. The Drivers are not allowed to have any Meister Parts, Snow Mobile, Ika Pika or Gurus Turbo. In the Regular Cart Battle Prix drivers are allowed to use all Cart Parts available for the race.

Competitors are expected to have already assembled their teams and roles before the race is announced. The team that finishes the required laps will be the winners.


The Robo-Rumble (Robot Rumble) is a Castle Gear demolition derby. A free for all! Pilots get on their Castle Gears and begin an all out battle against all other participants. Competitors are to only attack using the Castle Gear, and must fight until only one remains standing. The last pilot standing is the winner. 

Costume Contest

The Costume Contest is for Defenders only. Participants are expected to mix and match outfits to showcase their most interesting costumes. Three non-participating defenders will be the judges and tally points from 1-5 (Keeping it to themselves) on their individual view of the costume. Competitors can use anything to present themselves and earn the judges favors. After all participants have shown their costume. The judges will then openly consult their perspective views and together decide a winner (or vote). 

Crafting Event

The Crafting Event is a contest for all dealers who can craft items.  On the first day of the Pinoy Trials the leader of the organization and the top 4 union lords will announce what item type and what craft must be carried for this event. On the last day of the Pinoy Trials the participants are to present their crafts to the top Union Lords and Organization leader. The best craft will be announced as the winner.

The Item Types for the event are:

-Backshield -Backpack -Wings -Mask
-Glasses -Mystic Tool -Shield -Chest Gear
-Gloves -Shoes -Headpiece -Accessory
-Axe -Gun -Spear -One-Handed Sword
-Staff -Wand -Dual Wield -Katars or Knuckles
-Launcher or Cannon -Two-Handed Sword -Blunt Weapon

The Crafts that can be chosen for the event are:

-Sub-Item -Face Item -Advanced Sub-Item -Enchanted
-Accessory -Hardened -Advanced Hardened -Advanced Enchanted
-Darkened -Balanced -Advanced Balanced -Advanced Darkened
-Reinforced -Endowed -Advanced Endowed -Advanced Reinforced
-Weapon -Armor -Advanced Weapon -Advanced Armor

Clan Battle Games

The Clan Battle Games is a competition between Clan Masters and those who are chosen to be a part of their team. Two Clan Masters will participate in each match. (Match consists of 3 rounds. The Clan with the most won rounds wins the match.) 

It begins with the Clan Masters deciding the order in which they’ll pick members. (Clan Master with the lowest Clan Grade will choose first. If they are the same in the same clan grade, then the first to choose will be the Clan with the least Clan Currency.) 

Once the order has been decided, Clan Masters will pick (one by one) who will be part of their team (Clan). The team members (Clan members) in the clans must be equal, and no team must have more than the other clans. 

The Clan Battle begins with the two clans entering the arena, and waiting for the signal to begin. The Objective is to take down the opponents region (crystals). While also defending your own region (crystals). One Clan will be on offense and the other on defense (Defensive Clan entering first). After a Clan has won the match, the cycle repeats until all clans that participate have faced each other. The Clan with the most won matches, will be the winners of the Clan Battle Games. 

Principality Blitz

The Principality Blitz is an event tailored for the Principality Empire. Allies of the Organization are invited to bring a warrior company to participate in the Principality Blitz. The event is a way to fortify, and showcase the strength of the alliance. Further increasing the bond between the allied groups. 

In the event a Clan Master will lead their clan to compete against a Native Company. There will be a timer on the clock that begins when the Defender Clan enters the arena. The Clan must outlast the timer in order to win. If the clan’s region (crystals) is eliminated before the timer ends, the Native Company wins. Each clan will have 1 attempt at the event. (They can choose clan members before the event begins.)

The Pinoy Trials Event begins on December 27, 2020 and ends on December 30, 2020.