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Patch Notes Version 6.0 Release date 3/16/2018

Server Updates:
– NPC vendors have been updated, and prices have been adjusted.
– Resource Drives are now running across several outposts.
– Resource Drive rotations created.
– Item stockpile counter added for each map location with Resource Drives.
– Trader system has been reworked.
– Issues with level discrepancy causing errors in damage calculation have been resolved.
– Issues with some stats not reflecting properly in damage calculation have been resolved.
– Issues with success and failure chance of status effects applying have been resolved.
– Issues with accuracy and dodge not influencing skill hit chance have been resolved.
– MOB combat patterns and unit stats have been rebalanced to account for resolved
issues with the combat system.
– Save Town mechanic has been reworked.
– Current Field functionality removed.
– Dungeon Entrance function modified.
– Garrison Respawn added.
– Generals and Legionnaires can Garrison battalions, setting their respawn
– This can be changed once a day, with some exceptions.
– Dynamic Respawn added.
– During major battles respawns may change dynamically.

– Disciplines Added:
– 2nd Job Classes can specialize into Disciplines.
– Added Crusader, Paladin, and Sabre to the Knight class.
– Added Enforcer, Gallant, and Vanguard to the Champion Class.
– Added Priest, Conjurer, and Sabio to the Cleric Class.
– Added Pyroclast, Acolyte, and Warlock to the Mage Class.
– Added Interceptor, Marauder, and Brawler to the Raider Class.
– Added Ranger, Tamer, and Hunter to the Scout Class.
– Added Musketeer, Grenadier, and Triggerman to the Bourgeois Class.
– Added Tycoon, Sniper, and Conscript to the Artisan Class.

MOB Updates:
– User-Friendly MOB Initiative.
– Players will receive a variety of system messages related to missions (quests)
and campaigns (sequence of quests).
– Accepted Mission.
– Objective Completed.
– Campaign Finished.
– Players will receive a system message letting them know an interaction is over,
removing ambiguity if a conversation can be continued at the moment or not.
– Players will receive a system message when they have made an impression on
nearby MOB entities, typically indicated by good roleplay moments.
– Players will receive a system message when they have made progress in their
personal storyline.
– Experience rewarded from all of the events mentioned above will scale
with the character’s level.

– Characters will receive an automated message in the mail when they have
undertaken a campaign. It contains basic info to remind the players of their
objective. Restrictions apply in regards to alternate characters.

– Injury System changed.
– Injury outside of combat remains unchanged.
– Injury during a combat may break equipment in Avatar Tab.
– Critical Injury will put the character at risk of death.
– If character dies they will be proclaimed dead at end of instance.
– Recovery from Critical Injury
– Treatment is provided via the Faction.
– Use of Medical Supplies from Resource Drive Stockpile.
– Players may provide materials to allow recovery.
– A character that survives a critical injury will have guaranteed loss of
equipment from the Avatar Tab.
– Grave Injury has been removed.

Client Update:
– New items added.
– Appearance of some items has changed.
– Some old prefixes and suffixes on gear have been replaced with new ones.
– New BGM added to various locations.

Premium Service Updates:
– New Hairstyles added.
– New Faces added.
– Premium Express list (/go command) has been updated.
– Premium Gauntlet has been added to replace previous premium levelling maps.
– Animation list updated.
– Status check commands (/mystat) have been made premium exclusive.
Item Mall Update:
– Item Mall Backpacks added to Daisy Shopper.
– Item Mall Masks added to Daisy Shopper.
– Catalysts removed from Daisy Shopper.
Skill Updates:
– Ability Cooldown Changes:
– The cooldowns of various abilities has been adjusted. Abilities have been split
into categories and have standardized cooldowns, with a few exceptions.
– Cooldown categories have been split into the following:
– Single target melee skills.
– Single target ranged skills.
– Long-ranged skills.
– Self Buffs
– Party Buffs
– Debuffs
– Splash Damage (attacks with smaller areas-of- effect)
– Area-of- Effect Attacks
– New status debuff effects added.
– Pacification; a heavy reduction to attack speed.
– Snare; a heavy reduction to movement speed.
– Freeze; a heavy reduction to both attack speed and movement speed.
– Doubt now applies on skills that used to apply Silence.
– Doubt is a debuff that applies a heavy reduction to accuracy.
– Silence has been removed from the game.
– Weapon requirements for various skills have been adjusted.
– In particular, some Soldier and Muse skills have become stricter in weapon
requirements as they level up.

– Various passives have been adjusted to fit new playstyles introduced by Disciplines.

Website Update:
– Knowledge Base has been updated.
– Defender Handbook has been introduced.
– Added Patreon Webpage.
– Added Webcasts to Patreon Page.

For additional details on these changes, feel free to listen to the Defenders of the Cross
podcasts held before server release where various of these topics were covered.

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