Hello Defenders,
On Saturday May 16, 2020 we are doing a special BETA EVENT.

Defenders will get to create new Champion Job Class characters and have all territories available to them. All characters, items, storage and occurrences during the event will not be saved.

This BETA event will be a way for all players to test out the feel of a Combat System for Champion Job Class that are underway. We are talking about specific Disciplines like Spear Gallant, Glaive Gallant and Spear Champions. This means Players will be able to test out all the new changes to the builds and stats in PVP and PVM scenarios (NO PAT). This is part of the new updates for the May Update of Defenders of the Cross.

Players will be testing out these features:
Lance Weapons.
Glaive Weapons.
Glaive Weapons for Champion 2nd Job Class.
Glaive Weapons for Gallant Discipline.
Spear Weapons for Gallant Discipline.
Glaive Weapons for Warlock Discipline.
Lance Weapons for Knight 2nd Job Class.
Strength and Dexterity stats for Glaives.
Strength stats for Lance Weapons.
MOB versus MOB.
Several Pill Summons.

Defenders will be facing the MOB in this event, Tales from the Past. The DEV Team will be using characters besides all the Players. Andre Shall Be in the Set Up area giving out what you need. Inform him the desired Spear Discipline you’d want to take (Glaive Gallant, Warlock or Spear Gallant). Sincerely, -D.O.T.C Staff