ATH MOVIL (Puerto Rico)

Greetings Defenders, 

Defenders of the Cross will be adding another payment option to its Item Mall purchases on the Defender of the Cross website. Payments will now be able to be made through the ATH Movil mobile app. 

This addition is, for the most part, relevant to our customers from Puerto Rico as it allows for quick and easy transactions from various banking institutions on the island. This option will only be accepted for customers in Puerto Rico. 

ATH Movil will be added under payment options during checkout of an Item Mall order. Follow instructions to complete the payment. When you make the payment with ATH Movil be sure to enter your Order Number in the Messages. 

That part is important to remember! When ordering, under Message enter your Order Number to expedite delivery. Orders will not be processed nor delivered until payment has been received. The direction for the payment will be visible when you make the order, so please read carefully. 

Another change to Item Mall Services is the removal of Cash On Demand. Cash on Demand is no longer an option due to COVID-19 protocols. 

Thanks for the continued support, 
Defenders of the Cross Staff