Patch Notes Version 6.6 Release Date 10/21/2020

Server Updates:

  • Server calculations for Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (MP) have been further adjusted, more updates pending.
  • Golden Ring is being updated.
  • Gorge of Silence Cave is being updated.
  • Junon Ocean is being updated.
  • Sea of Dawn is being updated.
  • Xitan Forest is being updated.
  • M.G.P. has received an update.
    • Several prompts have been removed.
    • Prompts have been adjusted.

MOB Updates:

  • New scripts have been added to the MOB System.
  • The Garrison Settings have been updated.

Client Update: 

  • New NPCs have been added.
  • New natives have been added.
  • New Consumables have been added.
    • Medals for Drops.
  • NPC Shops have been updated.
  • Golden Ring is being updated.
  • New creatures have been added.
  • Xitan Forest is being updated.
  • New Dagger Weapon added.
    • New Dagger Animations added.
  • Gorge of Silence Cave is being updated.
  • NPC Animations have been updated.
    • New NPC Animations added.
  • Junon Ocean is being updated.
  • New Foot Items have been added.
  • Headgears have been updated.

Premium Service Updates:

  • The Premmy Gauntlet is still not fully functional, and has been closed to the public until repair is completed.
  • New Premium Faces added. (10 1, 34 2, 21 2 & 30 1)

Event Schedule:

  • Holiday Events – November 11, November 26, & November 27, 2020
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.
  • The Defenders of the Cross Black Cyber Special. (November 27 – November 30, 2020)
  • There will be no Halloween Event this year. (2020)
  • General’s Day! (October 25 & November 22)
    • No MOB, increased drop rate.

Item Mall Update:

  • Shoes, Boots and Feet added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Halloween Items added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Consumables have been added to Daisy Shopper.
  • Previous Item Mall selection has been rotated out.

Skill Updates:

  • Summon Firegon Skill has been updated.
    • Level 4 Summon Monster changed.
    • Level 5 Summon Monster changed.
  • New Mega Skill added.
  • New Storyline Skills added. (Instrument Cleric)

Website Update:

  • Knowledge Base section of Website made available. Content updated:
    • Archive section added to Knowledge Base containing Maps (Archive).
    • Story Setting
    • Recovered Text Series (Library)
    • What is DOTC?
    • Getting Started in DOTC
    • Character Background Pointers

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Garrison System Adjustment!

Clans can Garrison in Any Main City & Big Town that is under their Organization without any requirement. Main Cities / Big Towns are any established settlement that is currently populated. Keep in mind that storyline events which leave locations abandoned or without resident entities affect if the location is considered populated or not. The list of such locations is as follows:

-Sinocx Town
-Windmill Town
-Gurus Town
-Canyon City
-El Verloon Outpost
-Capital City
-Kenji Town
-Gorge Town -Mystic City
-Snow Village
-The Refuge
-Shady Tribe
-Desert City

Clans can still Garrison in other maps, but these have new requirements set upon them. They can Garrison via Encampments made by Leader NPCs of their clan (Of Any Profession, it does not need to be a Combat Leader) with the Condition that the NPC Leader must be present at said Garrison site. If the Clan wishes to change the location of their Garrison to another encampment, their previous one will be cancelled as the Leader now needs to stay at their new location.

Even though there are now two types of Garrison (City and Encampment), a Clan can still only have 1 Garrison at a time. This update was simply made to differentiate two types of Garrison. Encampments are more flexible since maps can have more than one location that can be set as an Encampment, locations that can work as these are any location within the map that can be used as a Shelter of some sort. The details of these can be explored to their fullest within the game, however there are examples like the Shady Jungle Tribes and the El Verloon Spire. Keep in mind that there are maps that normally have no valid Encampment locations, such as Crystal Snowfields. If a Clan wishes to Garrison at the Encampment of another, they must be given permission by a leader of that Encampment (Master, Deputy, or Captain during Wartime).

When changing a clan’s garrison outside of a combat situation, this is still done with a Brigadier NPC.

ATH MOVIL (Puerto Rico)

Greetings Defenders, 

Defenders of the Cross will be adding another payment option to its Item Mall purchases on the Defender of the Cross website. Payments will now be able to be made through the ATH Movil mobile app. 

This addition is, for the most part, relevant to our customers from Puerto Rico as it allows for quick and easy transactions from various banking institutions on the island. This option will only be accepted for customers in Puerto Rico. 

ATH Movil will be added under payment options during checkout of an Item Mall order. Follow instructions to complete the payment. When you make the payment with ATH Movil be sure to enter your Order Number in the Messages. 

That part is important to remember! When ordering, under Message enter your Order Number to expedite delivery. Orders will not be processed nor delivered until payment has been received. The direction for the payment will be visible when you make the order, so please read carefully. 

Another change to Item Mall Services is the removal of Cash On Demand. Cash on Demand is no longer an option due to COVID-19 protocols. 

Thanks for the continued support, 
Defenders of the Cross Staff

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New addition to the Item Mall

Greetings, Defenders!

A new service is available for Item Mall Transactions in the Defenders of the Cross Website. You can now receive SMS (Text Message) alerts in regards to your Item Mall purchases, including details such as order processing and completion. This is not required to place an order, it is a service you may opt-in when placing orders.

We want to take this opportunity to remind customers that filling in proper account information such as Account Name and Character Name on services which ask for that information when placing the order are required in order for the purchase to process smoothly. In cases that this information is not input, you may be requested to fill in a form in order to help the order finish processing.

D.O.T.C. Staff

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