Pinoy Trials

The Pinoy Trials are about to begin!

The Pinoy Trials are a series of events created by the Principality Empire. Their aim is to demonstrate skills in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Although the Pinoy Trials were started by Emperor Raisco, they are an open competition for all Defenders, Warriors and Challengers, regardless of their organization. The Events will all be carried out in a period of four days. ALL ARE WELCOMED!

The Pinoy Trials start on December 27, 2023!

The Pinoy Trials are divided into a series of storyline & combat events. Like the following:
Defender Trials a series of one on one duels between Participants.
Eldeon Prix a combat cart race around Planet Eldeon.
Clan Cup a competition between Clan Masters and those who are chosen to be part of their team.
Team Tournament a competition between Parties consisting of three defenders.
Robo-Rumble a series of one on one duels between Castle Gear Pilots.
Crafting Event a contest for all dealers who can craft items.