Accessing The Item Mall

The Item Mall can be found by visiting any NPC named DaisyShopper.

Reward Point’s are the currency for buying from the Item Mall.

In order for them to function, Your avatar must belong to a clan, so get to level 10, and join a clan as fast as you can if you wish to use your reward points.

DaisyShopper can be found in most towns.

COVID-19 Let’s all do our part

Realize it or not something big has happened to humanity, much more than just a flu.

The W.H.O. just declared corona virus a pandemic, which means many of us could get it, and although most will be fine, for the more vulnerable it could mean the difference between life and death. We all have someone we love who could be facing this.

The mission for most of us is to mobilize to SLOW it down, because the slower it moves, the more our hospitals can cope, and the more lives will be saved.

Here are Defenders of the Cross, we understand the need for you all to have entertainment, and manage your time at home. Because of that we are doing a special sale, the 3-Month Premium+ Account will be on sale starting today, and end on the March 30, 2020. It will be at a cost of $13 Dollars! This special will be around for a limited time. During this period we are also adding an update to the Item Mall, new Items and Gears will be added.

Thank you so much for all your continued support.
Let’s all do our part in this time of crisis.